Sunday, February 03, 2008

More Kiddie stuff (UPDATED) Animation test added.

Less talk, more post...
Animation Test added Feb 17 2008.
Whats going on here? I believe he's chasing
down the Robot.


Marcos Mateu said...

Love the expressiveness of the line and gesture, cool character and action sketches!

lacopol said...

haha it's really cool!!!

GhettoFab said...

i love how you capture movements and character in your designs Jamal

some of the slickest around

REE said...

nice gestures!
top piece has a real nice feel to it. that character on the 3 rd pic to the right reminds me of ME. lol.

Lafe said...

great colors and char design

lindsey olivares said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, your designs are great.

Joe Karg said...

Sweet image Jamal. I really like the development sketches too. We should get together on a sketch jam some time.


Ken said...

wow great sketches man! love the characters

Josh Lieberman said...

yo yo jamal o
thanks for the comment man. I love in this post's picture that the robots arm overlaps the frame. It adds like a 3D-esque affect to the overall image.

cool stuff, can't wait to see more.

Heather said...

Great color contrast! really demands the viewers attention. the kid's expression is priceless. :O)

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

this freakin ROCKS!!!...tooooo tight

robi pena said...

Hey Jamal!!
Very good work, great colors!! I love the expressions of your lines! And also great sketches!! Greats my friend!

Shuku said...

Jamal, thank you for stopping by my blog! Man, I love your lines. So expressive...


Jamal O said...

ThanQ All!

He has been affectionately named "lil Dood" by one of my colleagues.

For now anyway.

He's so cool, hmmm maybe I'll give him life if time permits.

BlueJackJohnson said...

YO SON, dis is tyght!!!

messytimbo said...

it's all looking good dude, it's all looking really good.

keep it coming

Justin Jenkins said...

This stuff is awesome, I want to see mooooore

Adam Ford said...

Fun composition! It is pretty rare nowadays to see people care about it.

G1toons said...

nice shot. really like how the monsters arms leads you into the boys fear, nice colours

lacopol said...

thanQ for your comment jamal!!! see you dude!!!

EL GRANDE said...

Hey Jamal. Your work is better than ever. Keep it up.


Chris Bivins said...

Great design with beautiful colors... a match made in heaven. The animation looks really good. Anxious to see more man.


Josh Lieberman said...

Dude, that little test looks sick. You conveyed so much personality in such a small bit of animation.

Also, you translated a semi-graphic charcter into animation really well. Cool stuff.

jimmy nock said...

Hey Jamal,
Love your art! Real nice designs!
It looks like our paths have crossed. I did work on Stroker and Hoop. I did layouts here in NYC with Robert and David. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

gemini82 said...

Liking the update. Now I gotta break out my homemade animation disk. Good inspiration.

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to hit me back.

G.Encinas said...

awesome drawings and animation test!!!
I added you to the favorites on my blog!
I can´t wait to see your next post!

Adam Rosette said...

i love when people post animation!!!
He's got a unique style of movement to him - i dig it!

Ryan Green said...

Wow! Great animation and character design. Post more of the same!

Chris Bivins said...

Thanks for the comment man. Just another AIA grad trying to make it happen cap'n. Lol


Hobo Divine said...

very very sweet!

Can't wait to see more

Jamal O said...

BLue> Preciate it Bro!

Messy> Thanks alot, I'm going to try.

Justin> Haha Thanks man. Yeah he's fun. I hope to see more of him too.

Adam> Thanks alot. A skill I'm still trying to learn. Ever hear of Hans Bacher? Check his work he is a master at composing pictures.

G/Onetunes> Thanks sir. I wanted to see If I could lead the audiences eye a bit. Glad you noticed! Didn't think anyone would.

LacoPol> No prob. Great work on your site.

Elio Grande> Means alot. thanQ!

Chris> ThanQ fine sir.

Josh> ThanQ. I'm glad you enjoyed it... more soon I hope.

Jimmy> A shame we worked together and never met. This virutal Studio thing is crazy! ThanQ for visiting.

Gemini> haha thanks man. NP

G.encinas> Thanks for coming through and for the add. Glad you enjoyed.

Adam> Yeah I do too!! Its Always inspiring. ThanQ. yeah he's got very short legs and pants so big I call em "street sweepers" It was a challenge to see how he would get around.

Ryan> Thanks alot. I'll Try. Forgive me if I miss.

Chris> Don't worry man you have crazy talent.

Hobo> Thanks sir. Means alot.

Jeff Harter said...

Just another fan weighing in. Nice bit of animation.

DeJarnette Designs said...

Nice designs and cool animation test.

Anonymous said...

Jamal, thanks for you comment on my blog bro... Im trying to find time to do more traditional drawing but 3D is consuming me. This piece is tight, I love the 3D feel as he runs on the plane, way cool. Peace.

Nathan Lindsay said...

love the animation

rebecca said...

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