Saturday, May 24, 2008

Keep away the Masquerade

The path of an Artist is a rugged one. A narrow windy road, bursting with ego centric folly. Some fatuous thought that your drawings can somehow change the world. Struggles for capacious expressionism. Impossible obstacles to surmount. When I first got into this business I wanted to work at Disney and Pixar. Ambitions are a lot like waves. They often recede, giving birth to new ones. Here is some various personal development stuff. I am quickly amassing a large folder of this stuff on my hardest of hard drives. More commercial work coming soon ;)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

With all Fairness

Wow. Almost 2 months no post. tsk tsk. I must do better. Well I have a good excuse.
I've been a busy bee. Turns out that the project I did designs for and didn't know
much about I ended up directing. crazy! Wish I could post more about it but I can't.
Folks won't let me. Soon...Other than that I've been doing alot of design on some
interesting projects. I will try to share more as they come closer to fruition. It's
strange working on stuff for kids. While it can be enjoyable I think I enjoy creating
stories that are more realistic. Those seem to resonate more with me. Perhaps the
kiddie stuff will be redemption for all the sex, violence, and war thats brewing.
Gotta get back on my own Animation voodoo. Above is some work from my film.