Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well unfortunately the Cartoon network pilot many of us here in the south worked on didn't get picked up. This is usually the case with pilots, as they rarely make it past the pilot stage. Well at least the crew over at Turner Studios showed some real chops. The pilot was praised for it's superb animation quality and high production values which rivaled the CN studio in LA. This is a BIG DEAL as there has never been a prime time CN show completely produced in Atlanta. Most of the shows that are produced here in the durrdy south are for CN's Ultra cool, brazen, hipster, sister network Adult Swim. I guess there is always Super Jail, while not for the faint of heart, looks very well animated. Shout out to Steven Vitale, Jon henshaw, Mario Orlando, Brian Detagyos, Dawud Anyabwile, Dino Fitz, Daniel Bodinof, Bryan Capik, Jeff Brody, Les Harper and Harvey Birdman Director Rich Ferguson Hull and the Turner Studios crew.

Meanwhile, I'm doing the Indie thing, and I've been contacted by several of you in regards to my short film. I really appreciate all the interest in my work, and it feels really good that people out there feel a connection to it. To answer questions, the development has lulled a bit because 2008 has been a remarkable year in which I've been fortunate to stay busy with various commercial work. But it's a double-edged sword because I have not been able to complete the trailer as scheduled. I'm confident in a January 2009 release, either way it will get done because I will have more help!

Lastly I'll be working from New York for 2 weeks at the end of October so if any of you are there, give me a holler. Let's chop it up.