Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some Character designs

Well its a new year and its back to the grind. I appreciate
folks being patient with me, I tend to post all types of
random things on this blog. Its prob going to get even more
casual and random as I continue, After all if I can't be casual
here, where can I?

Quite a bit of shit going on at the moment. Things are up
in the air. As is the usual come January when things
attempt to regain a somewhat normal atmosphere
after the holidays. Hope yours was da bidness. If not
then, like me, you couldn't wait for it to be over.

Here are some designs. I'm not sure if they will be
used, or even the full nature of the project. I'm just given a
theme and a few guide lines then I run with a few ideas.
Luckily I've worked with them before and they are pretty cool,
so should be fun. This is that flat shaded, no outline style I
mentioned a couple of posts down. Popularized by the
outstanding Samurai Jack I'm sure. Its strength I find lies
in its economy. Its very well suited for vector based
Animation programs like Adobe Flash and Toon Boom.
I'm gonna try to post more often. So if you so care,
check back soon.

P.S. I hear One of America's Icons GARY COLEMAN is
selling all of his stuff on EBAY. The kid used to make 70k per
episode. WTF?


Lubomir said...

Excellent photos and designs man, happy new year!

GhettoFab said...

love the movement in your designs man

Aaron said...

hey i love your gestures of your characters, great stuff man!

Marcos Mateu said...

Cool characters, cool use of the brush!

Jeff Harter said...

great blog, words and character designs.

Oasis Mountain said...

Awesome Jamal!! I love these!
Happy New year!

lacopol said...

i'm really sensitive to your photos(good english ???) and your designs are great!

lacopol said...

thanxs for your coming in my 'lil blog jamal! see you!

Joe Karg said...

Sweet designs Jamal. Thanks for the comments on the El Grande Blog. Elio says what's up and is glad to see how well you're doing.


Jamal O said...

ThanQ really

Rune Brandt Bennicke said...

Thanks Jamal!

I really appreciated your comment on Cold Hard Flash too.
Love your scribbles!


BlueJackJohnson said...

wicked mon!

jeijei said...

These designs are sweet. I'm a big fan of gesture. I dig your photography as well. You've captured some awesome moments.
Also, thanks for the comment. Means a lot. Peace :[]

tokyobanana said...

jamal really thx , your last background on your blog is amazing great work , you impressionate me ever keep up and see you one day i hope i will go and see you in A T L or in the different states you prefer . so see ya ' and keep drawing and sleep tight you re making good work .

Ken said...

happy new year man!

Great character designs. And I really liked your photos below. nice stuff

Dominguez said...

Thanks for the comment Jamal, you have great gesture drawings and your animation is amazing. Keep up the good work.



Adam Ford said...

I have been missing out! These are really fun. And that photography is phenomenal!!

Dave said...

Nice designs, Man!

gemini82 said...

Nice Designs Man

Puga Vida said...

yeah! these are awesome nice movement aswell! you got a keen eye for drawing and taking pics. nice stuff dood

Marcelo Vignali said...

I like the one with the red background better. It's really striking.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Hey, don't knock it! Gary just sold those pants on Ebay for $400,000. If that were me, I'd sell a few pants, buy a house, and retire.

Go Gary!

mysterious dreamer said...

Link Exchange/ Blogroll?

MysTery said...

Nice! Happy New Year!

Jamal O said...

RUNE> ThanQ It's really great that you bless us with your first rate talent. Great animation.


JEIJEI> Photography is fun. You never know what life throws at you. Cameras allow us to capture those magic and not so magic moments.

TOKYO> SUP HOMIE! Thanks alot keep up the good work yourself.

KEN> Preciate it KEN. Same to you.

DOMINGUEZ> ThanQ you very much. Dig your work also.

ADAM> ThanQ yeah I enjoyed them. Design is a nice break from animation.

DAVE> THANQ NICE robot on your blog, meant to comment, scatterbrained, will do.

GEMINI> Thanks homie!

PUGA> Great compliment, THANQ means alot.

MARCELO> ThanQ, yeah the orange on white does "POP" I suppose. WOW 400k....thats quite a nice number. Yeah we should all go sell a few pants.

MYSTERIOUS>I'm a baby when it comes to this internet stuff. you'll have to explain.

MYSTERY> Preciate it! same to you.

Anyone I forgot THANQ REALLY, your comments are cool to read.

The fact that anyone pays attention to this thing is beyond me.

REE said...

looks fun. interesting intensity in the shadow colors.

gemini82 said...


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shou' said...

The flat two tone vector style worked like magic with Samurai Jack. What a classic.

Cool designs man.

lilfuchs said...

wow man. these are great!

rebecca said...

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