Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some Character designs

Well its a new year and its back to the grind. I appreciate
folks being patient with me, I tend to post all types of
random things on this blog. Its prob going to get even more
casual and random as I continue, After all if I can't be casual
here, where can I?

Quite a bit of shit going on at the moment. Things are up
in the air. As is the usual come January when things
attempt to regain a somewhat normal atmosphere
after the holidays. Hope yours was da bidness. If not
then, like me, you couldn't wait for it to be over.

Here are some designs. I'm not sure if they will be
used, or even the full nature of the project. I'm just given a
theme and a few guide lines then I run with a few ideas.
Luckily I've worked with them before and they are pretty cool,
so should be fun. This is that flat shaded, no outline style I
mentioned a couple of posts down. Popularized by the
outstanding Samurai Jack I'm sure. Its strength I find lies
in its economy. Its very well suited for vector based
Animation programs like Adobe Flash and Toon Boom.
I'm gonna try to post more often. So if you so care,
check back soon.

P.S. I hear One of America's Icons GARY COLEMAN is
selling all of his stuff on EBAY. The kid used to make 70k per
episode. WTF?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quantum Human mechanics

Days long past, which make way for the new.
Two thousand and eight soldiers Happy for their cue.

I don't consider myself a good photographer. These photos are my feeble attempt to capture what I see in life so that it may "inform" me in other areas.