Sunday, March 04, 2007

Camp Lazlo Animation Test

Aiight so check it. There is this cool show
called Camp Lazlo that I recently had to do
some Animation for a commercial spot. Now Camp
Lazlo is a traditional 2d animated show which
is hand drawn, and the client wanted a quick
Turnaround so the spot was animated Digitally
in Flash and composited in After effects. Now
Being that I was not too familiar with this
show on Cartoon Network, although I've seen a
myriad of posters advertising its existence, I
felt somewhat challeged to emmulate the show's
Traditional thick and thin tapered line weights
in flash. So thus in my short time alloted, I
went on Camp Lazlo binge, watching as much
footage of the show I could get my hands on.

Above are some early tests. I'll post the final
commercial when its available.

The character RAJ and Camp Lazlo are properties
of their respective copyright holders.


G1toons said...

nice cycle and design

babadawud said...

I like it! Looks legit!

libra bear said...

Feelin your work bro... Gonna check in more regular. Keep inspiring.

Mr Harte said...

'The Sanguine Prince' project looks great too.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Super cool !!

Pingu Pigloo said...

Pretty cool! CAMP LAZLO IS MY FAVE SHOW! EVA! You gotta visit my site!