Sunday, February 11, 2007


" My parents moved from Gabon
when I was six. We came to
America with big hopes and dreams.
I would always hear them saying
money is everywhere in America!
You dont even have to be rich! Just
sign here!!. They were so happy.
We have been here for 19 years.
Things are very different now.
I think my parents are still happy.
But I always hear them arguing about
money. I hope they dont get divorced.
Oh well I dont want to think about that.
I have to focus on my books. I'm studying
to be a journalist. I have to make it so my
parents can be happy."


G1toons said...

this reminds me of my parents and grand parents, who are from Jamaica and Barbados, when they came to england "the streets are paved with gold"

Mike Mac said...

hey man thanks for stopping by! its great to hear from someone who is in the business. Your blog is awsome its amazing how you can pull off so many different styles!

!LEON! said...

Love the colores and line work in this one

messytimbo said...

wonderful drawing. it's great to see a drawing which has been inspired and means something and is not just a random doodling (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

great stuff.

Lafe said...

love your blog!

Andre Barnwell said...

WOW! Image and the story are doing it bredren. Im feeling this for sure. This is an inspirational sketch to me for real relative reasons...Money makes the world go round... unfortunately.

Jamal Otolorin said...

thanks 4 all the comments ppl

babadawud said...

Is this a character you made up or did you make her based on a real story? I like it either way!