Thursday, May 07, 2009

Home to Roost

Time moves in numbers. Time travels quickly. Months seem like days and after much work, finally an update! I'm back in ATL after working in Hollywood, CA, the last couple of weeks. It was cool to finally put a face to a few clients and link up with some great artists. Check out the work of Jahmad Rollins of !llworkz , Eliza Ivanova who just won the 2009 Cal Arts Producer show, Chris Prynoski, Co-Owner of Titmouse, very talented dude and nice guy to boot, he even had an old book of xeroxed copies of Coon skin model sheets! He was nice enough to show me much of the highly anticipated BET's Black Panther starring Djimon Hounsou, which looks pretty impressive and Tyree Dillihay, dope character designer & artist, currently directing Da Jammies. LA is a very interesting place, so many different cultures. I always learn something there, like never to ask for turkey sausage in an Armenian resturant. My film bug is getting stronger. I've been inspired by the works of Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry, Floria Sigismondi & Stephane Sednaoui. Beautiful Artistry. Challenging sensibilities. I Iike being challenged. New links added to Film section!!! Here is some really early development. Back 2 Work. peace.


BlueJackJohnson said...

Lovely Rooster !
whats up J? Haven't seen you
in a min, keep blast'n em!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Thanks for checkin out my stuff Jamaal, I've had your site bookmarked for a while now I've always dug your stuff.

Back to work indeed!

robi pena said...

Hey Jamal :-)!! How are you? Cool sketches!! And the works, who won the 2009 Cal Arts Producer show are amazing!! Cheers my friend ^^!!

Joshua Dotson said...

Yo nice meet you man and hopefully we'll work together soon.. I just posted the film and some images on my blog so check it out.. late


yo, was good seeing you in person.

and, of course, great buildin' witcha.

I wish we coulda really did it big on the town...but, I'm sure you took care of that yourself.

Next time you're in Cali or I'm in Atlanta...we'll definitely do it how it SHOULD be done ;)

messytimbo said...

those roosters are cool man. lovely stuff once again brother

Lubomir said...

Hey man, I especially like the roosters!

Andre Barnwell said...

roosters need to get in on a cock fight....rooster fight.

Jamal O said...

Blue> Longtime!, howgoesit?

Bobby> ThanQ much, good looking design & animation on your site also.

Robi> I'm well, thanks for visiting.Yeah she's solid, beautiful work. I'm happy to of worked with her & Jahmad, who is also kickass.

Josh> Nice meeting you too. Yeah I made a mention of your film on the brew Solid work man.

Tyree> Yeah it was good to chop it up face 2 face. Don't worry I'll be back soon ; )

Messy> Thanks bro, went through your blog, your sketches look great! you have improved tremendously in a short amount of time!

Lubomir> ThanQ sir, Black Frieghter
work looks quite good!

Andre> We just might make that happen for you : ) solid work on that promo.

Anonymous said...

cul blog> check out mine as well>

Jose Rivolta said...

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