Friday, December 19, 2008


I don't post as much Commercial work here as I would like, the main
reason being that Clients, sometimes don't like me to talk blog about
works in progress :( But Here is something that's aired and I can talk
about. This was a Rush Job we did For Comedy Central's new sketch
comedy show "Chocolate News" hosted by the infamous funny man
David Alan Grier from "in Living Color" Alumni. You have heard of
COMIC- CON! but do you know where your nearest BLOMICON is???
Drawn in Adobe Flash. Then some mild treatment in pshop.
Shout out Comedy Central and Producto Studios.



Anthony Holden said...

This is a riot.

Justin Jenkins said...

LOL blomicon is like the funniest skits on that show hilarious!

anyways thanks for the kind words on my blog,happy holidays to ya.

BlueJackJohnson said...


This is Top Shelf!
I need some Illos

Get at me!


Dave said...

Super nice! Great job!

Andre Barnwell said...

Dang! I can't view it cuz im Canadian. Anyway, whatever you did I'm sure it was dope.

Leon Harmon said...

Good stuff man!

Jamal O said...

Jack Johnson : ) > You know where I'm at.

Dave > Thank u. Haven't been through inna min. I'm sure you killing the art.

Leon > Thanks man

Justin > ThanQ's same to u.

Anthony > Indeed. You should check the outtakes

Andre > Canadians show me love, so...

I luv em too : )

gemini82 said...

LMAO SlaveFish.

What was the turnaround for the job?

Ken said...

cool work dude, and I really like your sketches below!

Hope your havin a great holiday :D

G1toons said...

are you serious, ha ha wow, nice illos, its funny i have a villain in my hip hop samurai like the dj character, I've never actually seen this show
good work

Jamal O said...

Gemini> 2 days

Ken> Many ThanQ's, yur Blog has
shaped up nicely

G1toons> Yeah They want to be edgy
edgy like Dave Chappelle's
show. Cool postit. ThanQ

Chris Bivins said...

Lol really funny concept. i wish the comedy sketch lived up to the illustrations but hey what do i know. really cool drawings tho man. was that from the ny trip?

Marcelo Vignali said...

Hey, happy new year.

I like you're blacquaman.

Howard Shum said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I like the liveliness of your work.

Jamal O said...

Chris> Nah, that was for something
hope to be able to post about
soon. Nice sketch on your blog
Marcelo> Hahah. Thanks Bro, Right
back at cha.
Howard> Pleasure is mine.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

have a blessed 2009


u know what's crazy? I posted before you did and didn't even know you were on the project

That's just more icing on the cake ;)

Fooksie said...

" 76 attendees..." made me spit out my coffee!

stalin said...

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