Thursday, May 01, 2008

With all Fairness

Wow. Almost 2 months no post. tsk tsk. I must do better. Well I have a good excuse.
I've been a busy bee. Turns out that the project I did designs for and didn't know
much about I ended up directing. crazy! Wish I could post more about it but I can't.
Folks won't let me. Soon...Other than that I've been doing alot of design on some
interesting projects. I will try to share more as they come closer to fruition. It's
strange working on stuff for kids. While it can be enjoyable I think I enjoy creating
stories that are more realistic. Those seem to resonate more with me. Perhaps the
kiddie stuff will be redemption for all the sex, violence, and war thats brewing.
Gotta get back on my own Animation voodoo. Above is some work from my film.



jeijei said...

That's awesome man, sounds exciting,
the awt wark is super nice :[]

Anthony Holden said...

Excited to hear about the project once you're able to disclose that top secret info to the general public. As always, beautiful gestures!

lacopol said...

hey jamal!!! wassup! what means moxie!

lacopol said...

ah ok ok ok!!! thank you jamal... so moxie too! ;)

Chris Bivins said...

cool post jamal. hope to see more of the project your working on. seems cool.


robi pena said...

Hey Jamal :-)!! Beautiful work, love the perspective!! And also beautiful the «Laptop» Storyboard!!! Bye Robi!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

thats tight, wanna do something for a book of my

its called why Im a gangster and other plays. Ill email u the title play see what u can do folk

Oasis Mountain said...

Awesome Jamal!

Great perspective! You never cease to amaze. Can't wait. Working on my site!! keep you posted :)


allienicole said...

dig this print!

libra bear said...

Welcome back bro, missed you out here. perspective and vibe on this panel. Definately a party I'd like to go to.

Douglas Ferreira said...

Coooollll blog!I like it very much!
are you, by any chance the same Jamal that participated on the "strange behaviour" contest?
best wishes and congrats!

gemini82 said...

good to see you back man

Alina Chau said...

Coool illo! Love design!

Adam Ford said...

I was starting to wonder where you had gone off to. Although it seems like in the blog world the infrequent posts mean the busier artists. Congrats on the project.

Seriously, your compositions always make me feel like I am such a loser! Very inspiring!

Lauren Kate said...

Your stuff is fantastic! I love the perspective of this piece too - really cool stuff :)

Tim Rauch said...

nice stuff jamaal, i'd love to know when we can see more.

guerreiranigeriana said...

good shit!!!!...looking forward to when you can divulge more...

rebecca said...

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