Wednesday, October 17, 2007

$2.99 Wacom at Long John Silvers.

Hey beautiful people. I'm feeling pretty good, assisted on some Story boards
for a new Adult Swim show. Errr... its an interesting show. Great Design.
Its no 12oz. mouse or Tom goes to the mayor. Waay better than that stuff.
There is some cool stuff coming down the pipe, Not sure when it will happen
but it looks amazing. More like the primetime stuff on CN. I hope that this
becomes a trend.

Mean while I've got some personal things in the works. Trying to
brainwash some uber talented folks to help me out on it. They are
all saying yes. We'll see how it goes.

Here is a teeny tiny small taste of whats coming...(in Prog)

And Some DINO SMASHING 4 tha kiddies yo...

The Dino Animation was originally created much earlier
this year for a PBS kids show called Between the lions
It has since been re purposed for some shameless self
promotion. Funny enuff its also been featured on Cold
Hard Flash. I used to love this flat shaded style, then it
became over exposed and I hated it. Now I'm beginning
to like it again. Whatever...


messytimbo said...

nice animation dude! l like the drawings from past previous posts as well. keep it up buddy

Mukpuddy said...

Hey thanks for the comment dude, really digging your stuff too!!
The paintings are just small, 6"x6"

lilfuchs said...

digging the new stuff bro. can't wait to see it finished!

BlueJackJohnson said...

omg. That animation is really good! Both of them.

G1toons said...

looking good, nice stuff

Oasis Mountain said...


I really like the walking doods! what is the fat guy holding?

The Dinosaur is great too!!

REE said...

um...what the hell is this??
I know I'm one of the people you're trying to out with it already...times waistin'!!

man...when I sent you that e-mail a while ago...that was it. I just didn't hear back from you after that. In reference to my post on my blog, that's just me being so inundated with the daily job grind and getting no ME time.

anywho, let's talk soon on these projects.

Jamal O said...

Thanks Adam! Its coming along.

The Fat dood is holding a boom box sarah.

Ree haha....Yeah I know. We need to REE -UP! we should catch up this week sometime. Man's whats up with Cali this week? Fires everywhere.

Hey thanks to everyone! I really appreciate the positive comments people! thanQ!

noel perry said...

KNOCK KNOCK HOMIE!! guess whos in the house....Im feelin the new stuff bro.."Don't hurt em"

gemini82 said...

Can't wait to see the how it turns out.

lookin good

GhettoFab said...

your blog is SLICK!!!!! Glad to have stumbled across it. Will spend loads of time here gawkin at your work

backgammon said...

They're short but awesome,man. I love'em,really.

I'm designing an opening sequence for a ficticious Adult Swim's show.
It´s a very cool schooltask.

Great stuff,I'll be back!!

Ken said...

Fantastic work you got here. I love your sketches and your animation is lookin great!

Ill be back for more updates

ken :D

oh and thanks for dropping by and for the kind comments

DeJarnette Designs said...

Jamal O,

Thanks for the comments. I really dig your stuff. Both of the animation styles are tight!

Jamal O said...

Preciate it homies...

Heather said...

wow, these are really great :O)

Lubomir said...

Hey Jamal, very tight animation. The gangsters walking looks very promising, is it a short film? I'm also moved by the people sketches!

libra bear said...

Loving the animation, looking forward to it. And your right about there being "no sistas" I thought that was funny

Samaliii said...


milkyteets said...

looks great man, cool stuff you got on here

2ndCorin5:17 said...

lol @ d dinosaur! Wow!!! very nice work indeed

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