Sunday, July 29, 2007

TombRaider Re\visioned.

Sup Peeps! I've just finished some work on a series of Tomb Raider short films for Game tap. Now I remember when Tomb Raider first arrived on the playstation in the mid 90's. It was highly praised for its revolutionary graphics, inventive gameplay, and involved storyline. In otha words... it was da shit.

So now after few games, movies, comics, and novels. Croft finally makes her way into the world of animated filmmaking.

My take on it? Remember that Influential Hollywood "bullet time" blockbuster movie several years ago that spawned the Animatrix?

Well yup....This is the Tomb Raider version.....with a well directed, weird ass, Peter Chung version to boot. The segment directed by Peter Chung was by far my favorite. I'm not a Huge Lara Croft fan. Not that I dislike the character, I sat in a dark theater and watched a few of her films. I suppose the 90's flux of post feminist movement, super invincible heroines is just starting to get stale to me. Seeing her come to life under the supervision of Aeon Flux creator Peter Chung was alluring, but I was far more interested in the quasi religious fundamentalists in the film.

Cool project! Turner Studios produced 3 ( Legacy, Aztec Mummy, and Angel Spit) but there are 10 episodes in all.

To see the shorts visit


!LEON! said...

That hot you're working on that man!!!!

Ajay Karat said...

Awesome ! Dude! good to hear from you :) All's going good man. Working on some Game animation currently.

Oasis Mountain said...

sup mr.O I saw these at the screening
at the landmark art theatre. They were interesting. I like the "film like" treatment on Legacy!