Monday, June 11, 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates.... Been silly busy.
A few updates. The TV show I've been working
on is no more. Thats right! Birdman is no more!!....
Its been a good run. I came on during the last
season and didnt know what the hell I was getting
into. Apparently this show has a cultlike following.

So the last episode?

Well its crazy....and

( Andre Benjamin voice)
"Goes a Lil something like dis..."

Birdman falls into a temporal time portal and meets
(Birdman) the rapper, who just happens to need a
third rate superhero attorney to represent him in the
mother of all lawsuits! The case in question? Well
Angry fans all over the world are suing Birdman....
( the rapper) for false advertising. That's right!
Apparently Rap enthusiasts don't think kissing your child
protege is indicative of new millennium gangsta...
Can Birdman surpass this tumultuous feat!?
Will he swoop down gracefully and reignite the world's
Interest in Rap musik! Tune in next time for the final,
last, ending, no more, episode of harvey burrrrd man
Attorney at law!!!

Ok ok,..... this really isnt the final episode. But Adultswim
wont let me say anything w/o tapping a bullet to my
front door. It airs in July check it out.

Image by Brian Mcgee


Jamaal Bradley said...

hey stuff. You left a comment a while ago on my blog and I just now getting back.. thanks for checking me out...

keep grindin'

Oasis Mountain said...

Finally saw this episode! great ending to a funny show. Animation was top notch on the second half! Havent seen anything like that on TV in awhile.