Saturday, January 13, 2007

Moving Foward

After working in Television animation since 2004, I have decided
that While I enjoy working in a Production setting, I would also like
to pursue projects that are unique in cultivating my own personal
Expression. Working on Tv shows is nothing like I expected. You
know how it is when you have this initial perception of something
and you start doing it and you realize how wrong you were! Dont
misunderstand me. I'm sure I'll get mixed up in some more TV
stuff soon enough. But Alas the times are changing. The advent
of new media is looming, and TV will never be the same. The
networks smell the change, they have predicted it for some time
now. Everyone is scrambling. Trying to solidfy their place. Never
in the history of media has there been a time like this. A time
where content is not only restricted to large power brokers.
Thanks to the internet, creators finally have their say, and can
reach the entire world.

So stay tuned. There will be some very interesting projects coming
to fruition this year.

Happy New year Folks!!


!LEON! said...

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store this year. I had the same reaction when i was workin in television. I thought that I'd be part of a project[show or commercial(bumper)]from begining to end. My experience pretty much was just a piece here and a piece their, which was good for a while since I was fresh outta school but it got sour since i wasnt really part of a show's creation or production all the time. Well you know what you need to do so i'll be watching for it. Peace.

Roc said...

thats what im talkin about!. . .these are motivatin' words. im tired of workin for the man!. . .lol. seriously, i feel the same way. lookin foward ya movement.