Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Harvey Birdman (Incredible Hippo) Scene Breakdown

Every now and then, someone from Cartoon
network (thanks kevin!) trusts me enough to
let me handle animating characters from Harvey
Birdman. Here's is Birdgirl.

A series of rather strange events have been
occuring in the office of sebbenandsebben.
Sightings of a large, ominous, hulking figure,
lurking in the shadows. Birdgirl, rather adeptly,
confronts the creature in the employee bathroom.


Aiight so here are the roughs ya dig....and er
some notes regarding my thinking process.

Buurgurl enters bathroom...

Buurdgurl gets excited...

Buurdgurl thinks for a moment...

Buurgurl confronts the creature...and thus
ending this shot.

If your interested send me an email and I'll
post the vid.



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Anonymous said...

Hey I like that show. Its Rather funny.