Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Elusive story

An invisible cabal of conspirators keep story just out of my reach. Haha. Damn I wish... for that would make a much better excuse for my fledgling attempts at weaving an interesting story. The reason for my lack of expertise in the subject is so clear to me man. For years I drew characters for the shear joy of representing forms but not once did I seriously consider story. After years of making good draftsmanship my dangling carrot, I have come to a conclusion. A well drawn character is negligible without an engaging story. As I attempt to strive for perfection, I see so many weaknesses in the process that is my craft. My impatience nags my perceptive faculties doggedly. Rashness, that I would blame on being an Animator, but I'm sure the reasons delve into much deeper waters.

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Andre Moore said...

this is DY-NO-MITE!!!